Project Iceworm is a web-based interactive documentary with gamification elements, where you explore the past and present, through a series of multiple choice-decisions with consequences.

Under Greenland’s inland ice a Cold War-era secret has been frozen in time for 60 years. Locked away under eight meters of ice are the ruins of an American military base called Camp Century. Officially a research project, but in reality a cover for a top-secret military project called Project Iceworm. This covert plan encompassed a large-scale network of bunkers and tunnels carved under the ice giving the United States the ability to strike the Soviet Union with 8,000 nuclear missiles. Project Iceworm and Camp Century were abandoned in 1967, but today global warming threatens to expose this ‘city under the ice’, pollute the environment and affect the livelihood of indigenous hunters. Neither the US nor Denmark want to claim responsibility for the clean up.

In Project Iceworm you experience a journey to Greenland. You interact with the American military personnel sent to Camp Century while it was active during the 1960’s – as well as the secret danish agent sent by the danish government. You can jump in time and meet environmental scientists investigating the consequences and fallout for the people of contemporary Northwestern Greenland.

Your task is to investigate in a critical manner, questioning the persons you meet and their views on the story.You make your own choices, analyze the information, and finally draw your own conclusions.

The experience of being an active player in the events will be created from a balance of live action documentary video, photography, 3D graphics, on screen text and game mechanics to navigate and explore. A key goal is to re-create the now inaccessible Camp Century experience. Another is to figure out how the complex narrative will work when shifting back and forth through time and perspective.